I have a ION 330-BD today. I am mostly satisfied.
I am thinking of buying a ION 330HT-BD or ION 3D 152B and I have a few questions on the remote control.

1. Is there a button for power off, hibernate or standby on the remote control?
2. Does that button (or those buttons) require a single tap, or to press and hold the button for a few seconds?
3. Can I find the remote control commands in Logitech's database to be used for Harmony remotes? And what is the name of it?

The reason why I am asking is that I have Logitech Harmony 555 that I want to use and it cannot seem to learn signals from pressing and holding a button for a few seconds, it can only learn from single "taps". I learnt that when trying to teach it to act like my Fractal Design Shape MCE remote control (with USB IR receiver).