Am I the only one who has issues with this board with how much voltage it's giving components? I've noticed while trying to do some very light overclocking on my Phenom II B55 quad core if I set the voltage to say 1.40 while looking through a program such as cpu-z during load the cpu is receiving something more like 1.425 or 1.436 or higher. Is this normal? Is there a setting I'm missing that may be causing this issue? I've tried of course with C1E shut off and Cool N' Quiet off as well without any success. I really love this motherboard it's just getting annoying how it seems to continue to set things however it wants to even when I override that setting in bios (1.60). For instance I try to fine tune my ram timings, but once I apply the settings and exit bios, upon re-entering bios it has insane things set like, all timings at 6-6-6-16 with 1.65volt even though plain as day in the bios you can see I have it set to 9-9-9-24 and 1.5volts. Anyone know if there's a planned bios update to help alleviate some of these weird issues?