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Thread: PV530 Install issues

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    Default PV530 Install issues

    I'm installing a new PV530 in a machine. I'm trying to get to the BIOS but I'm not getting a video signal. I'm sure that I'm missing something simple.

    I've got a new CoolerMaster Elite Power Series 400W power supply, a used Samsung 712N monitor and a new 320 gb WD Scorpio Blue 2.5" SATA HDD. A 1 GB strip of DDR2 800 RAM is installed.

    The monitor works when plugged in to another machine with the same video cable and power cord.

    I've got an external USB dvd drive with which to install Windows XP. I have not plugged it in yet. I expect that I need to get to the BIOS to change the boot sequence in order to get to this device.

    I have left all jumpers on the PV530 as the default settings.

    The HDD is connected to the ps and the SATA 1 connector on the mobo.

    I've plugged in the 20+4 ATX connectors and I have attached a power button to the system panel header.

    The ps powers up as expected and the on-board mobo fan starts up. Keyboard lights flash and I get power to a USB key.

    I'm not seeing anything coming to the monitor. It knows there is a signal because I don't get the 'no signal' alert.

    Bottom line..

    1) Am I correct in be able to use the external DVD to install the OS?

    2) What am I missing re: lack of video?

    EDIT: I hooked up to a working ViewSonic Q191 monitor and it is indicating 'no signal' from the mobo.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: PV530 Install issues

    Still looking for help...Bumping this..

    Since the initial post, I have hooked up the chassis speaker.

    When powering up, I don't get any of the usual beeps.

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