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Thread: Can't get dual channel RAM to work?

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    Default Can't get dual channel RAM to work?

    My system won't post when I have both of my kingston HKX1600C8D3K2/4GX in the A2/B2 or A1/B1 slots. It will boot if I just have 1 of the 2gb sticks in B1 or A1. My motherboard is 880G Extreme3 from ASROCK. My processor is an AMD Phenom II x4

    When I put both sticks in the mobo led returns a D0(Go to flat mode with 4GB limit and GA20 enabled. Verify the bootblock checksum.)

    I've tried swapping the ram positions and changing some BIOS settings.
    Memory Controller Mode:unganged
    Bank Interleaving:Auto
    Channel Interleaving:Hash2
    CAS Latency:9
    DRAM Voltage:~1.75
    Memory Clock:800Mhz DDR3_1600

    I'm afraid if I keep playing with BIOS settings and plugging/unplugging my RAM I'm going to break something, where am I going wrong here?

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    Default Re: Can't get dual channel RAM to work?

    First, I had that error code and it was caused by the UCC unlock feature on the board. Make sure its turned off in the bios. there are 2 places you need to check: the bios boot up screen "push x to enable UCC" make sure thats not active, and in the "overclocking" section of the BOIS labeled "core unlocking"

    If that doesn't do it then you may have a bad memory controller in your CPU. Which means you will need a new CPU.

    Good Luck!
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