I just put together a new PC, the Extreme4 with a non K 2500 and 2*4GB of Ripjaw X.

I have had some odd issues occur with BIOS 1.50. It shipped with 1.30 but I upgraded straight away.

First, the system would not boot, it got stuck at the BIOS screen. It turned out a PCI board which had extra USB slots was the issue, once removed it booted fine.

I had to move the keyboard USB to another port on the back as it would not always work. I tried another USB keyboard in the same slot and no luck. If I plugged it in the front ports I could access the BIOS fine.

I have not been able to keep the LAN on when i power of the PC, for the life of me I cant find the option other than the WOL in the BIOS to keep the LAN card in the board on so I can wake it up remotely. My old 775 board I could. Also, sometimes when the PC switches on the LAN card must start at 10MBps as the modem light is flicker orange not green for that port until Windows 7 starts.

I found that if I enable SMART monitoring in the BIOS, Win7 gets stuck for about 20 seconds on it splash screen (just before the graphics start swirling round), if I disable this option then it starts in about 3 seconds.

If I increase the BLCK to 100.5 instead of AUTO, the PC boots, but when i shut it down, the PC will start to boot and immediately cut the power and boot again with all the same settings.

So these are the strange issues I have so far. I hope a new BIOS version will fix these.

Has anyone else encountered these problems?