Hey annoying n00b here, but I am really greatful for anyone who has the time to help me.

Ok here it goes. Yes, I am a clown and a fool.

Firstly I have installed Windows 7 because I thought it was a good idea. Now its thrown up alot of problems stability wise which I have tweaked/updated/made do with etc. Its running ok but I should really have kept on top of component upgrades and such, that being said I havent. DOH!

I have now found Windows 7 won't support my display adapter , it is saying its a Standard VGA card but is actually an Intel 82865G Graphics Controller. Now I cant play games without crashes every 5 minutes. I have downloaded the Direct X SDK latest release, that didnt sort it, INTELs support center said they have discontinued support for the Intel 82865G Graphics Controller. I now realise I must definitely upgrade the card or do something! maybe get a new motherboard/computer lol.

So my question(s) are, what is the best graphics/video card the p4i65g mother board will support while I'm using windows 7? Would it be Geforce or something like that. Or should I cut my losses and re-install windows xp when the graphics card worked fine? or just get a new computer because they are the only other options I can think of unless someone saves the day here with a cost effective solution.