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Thread: Pc (880gmh-le) boots for 3-4 seconds the shuts it self off.

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    Default Pc (880gmh-le) boots for 3-4 seconds the shuts it self off.

    Hey Guys Thanks in advance for any help,

    My PC 880gmh-le/usb3,555Be Amd chip,lightpower 600 thermal-take PSU,gainward GTS 250,4gb of corsair ram.

    brought it back in September,upgraded the PSU and video card myself worked fine for 3 months.Installed all driver and windows myself.

    2 weeks ago shut it down before work as per normal,got home and it would boot for 3-4 seconds in the that time light up CD drive would come on and hearing HDD turn over even flicking the Little on and off light on my monitor to on shortly.

    Switch'd it off at wall,again same out come,only after either turning PSU swicth to off or d/c plug and putting it back in would it attempt to run then swicthing off after 3-4 seconds and no beeps again.

    Thought BIOS problem reset jumper still the same,thought PSU problem changed PSU to original that came with it still the same.

    Then grabbing at strews,checked connection many many times could not see any shorts swap ram,took out video card,check powerswitch is not sticking,change power lead, try process again still the same.

    Not to be outdone i keep looking but nothing i do changes it.

    PC is still under warranty RMA it back for $25 taking out card and PSU and putting there PSU back in ofcause still doing the same 3-4 second load and shut i test again before sending it.

    Ring daily lol day 1 nothing happens,day 2 said he *has looked at it and fixed it*I asked what was wrong?and for the life of me i cant make out what he said...

    Now.I get PC back first thing i do before even testing it is..put my PSU and card back in and just like before everything works fine..

    Does so for a week and as fate would have it get home from work today and here we go again with the 3-4 second boot up and shut down.

    now being the type of guy that always try'd to fix everything himself back at square one.

    When i recvived Pc back and working nothing had been changed cept the adding of a few PSU cable ties i had cut off before.Same PSU,HDD,mobo,chip,DvD.All i could see added was programs had left off the install when installing chip/mobo/card drivers myself like insta boot and asrock IES and added unboard video driver i had left off cause i had card to go in.

    This has me at a brick wall and left again with the only option to RMA for $25 again.

    And i know with the time he had and what was still in the PC must just be the smallest of things

    Anyone any idea?

    And sorry for my horrible English :(

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    Default Re: Pc (880gmh-le) boots for 3-4 seconds the shuts it self off.

    This is just a hunch You metioned you are powered with a wall switch. Have you been having any trouble with the date and time? You may want to wire direct so when the computer is off the little light stays on inside the case on the motherboard. You also may want to change the cmos battery. Next you may want to find the specifications for the operating voltage on the Corsair RAM. Your computer sets it to 1.5 volts. Depending on the part number it does not all run well at 1.5v. Increasing it in Bios manually to it's specified operating voltage may help. If for any reason Bios is set to optimized defaults ( like clearing cmos) would require you to set the DDR-3 voltage in cmos to rewuired manufacturers voltage again. If the CMOS battery was to drain and the switch was off so it cannot hold a charge. The cmos would reset. If it runs for a few minutes then shuts off it could be the memory. Also it could be heat related. Check temps and fans.
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