I wonder is it stock normal behavior for this motherboard to idle at 46C in a room that's at 24C? Apart from thermal stress on all components it means that the idling CPU temp is 51C putting it already within 20C of its operating temp limit of 70.

These readings are with the ASRock OC Tuner utility. It's worth noting that Core Temp gives me the current CPU temp as 29C - much more reasonable sounding. However the baking heat coming off the 880G chipset heatsink suggests that the higher OC Tuner readings may be the correct ones, and as far as putting the CPU up close to its thermal ceiling and consequently close to thermal sensor shutdown of the system it's the BIOS and AsRock utility settings that count (the BIOS agrees with OC Tuner that this board is cooking).

Which is right?

I think you get a lot for your money with this motherboard, pretty impressive performance - is this heat just the price you pay or is there a problem with this particular board?
thanks, tii

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