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Thread: ASRock ConRoe1333-GLAN and Asus EAH5770.

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    Default ASRock ConRoe1333-GLAN and Asus EAH5770.

    Hi all!
    I have the Asrock motherboard Conroe 1333-GLAN on Intel i945GC.
    Recently I've decided to upgrade my videocard from Nvidia 8500GT to Asus EAH 5770 CuCore. I've bought the Asus and inserted in my system. System hasn't started -- coolers work, but monitor is black.
    I've updated system BIOS to ver. 1.50. Nothing changed.
    I have changed power supply to InWin 450Wt (was 350Wt). Nothing changed.

    Is this video incompatible with my motherboard?

    There may be reason to change it to Nvidia GTS 450?
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    Default Re: ASRock ConRoe1333-GLAN and Asus EAH5770.

    In three days the answer came from Asrock support through their site.
    Unfortunately the ASRock model you described comes with a PCIexpress slot 16X 1st. Generation
    The video card you described below is 2nd. generation ,therefore the ASRock model can not dtected it.
    He-he. I know that Asus 5770 has a PCI-E 2.0 interface.
    I have changed Asus to Palit Geforce 450 (this card has PCI-E 2.0 too) and it works!
    So the Asrock motherborad CAN detect PCI-E 2.0 videocards.
    As I have saw from Google, the trouble is only with ATI cards 5xxx series.
    For more...
    Asrock have released several motherboards on Intel i945GC chipset. The BIOS update fixing the ATI 5xxx support was released for only one of them -- ConRoe1333-D667 R3.0 (BIOS ver. 1.90).

    Magic support, fairy logic of update releasing.

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