I have a new AMD six core and a western digital raptor drive. I'd like to run the drive in AHCI mode. I was able to set this up in the BIOS for AHCI and get Windows 7 64-bit to install, but now the software is erratic and the PC will not boot and crashes continually. I've built many PCs and I know if you dont have the correct driver, setting AHCI mode wll cause problems.

During the windows 7 load, I did NOT click "load driver" during the install to load the AHCI driver - which is something I usually do with PCs in the past.

Is there a AHCI driver I should use for win7 64-bit? The only driver I can find on the motherboard DVD is for SATA/RAID so I dont think this is the correct driver. There is nothing on the ASROCK web site and google on this matter is no help.

please advise.