as the title says, i have this issue for a couple a days.

-The Bios: 2.20, was flashed by me twice yesterday just in case.
-I read the cause might be CMOS battery, ive changed to a new one and problem remains;
-I checked the clear CMOS jumper twice and still remains at pin position 1-2 as manual refers to normal;
-I cleared the CMOS with that jumper (position 2-3) with AC cable out , and again to pin position 1-2, problem remains;

-The BIOS is saving the data&time when I turn off the machine but not the rest of the changes.. (AM2 boost..disable , boot sequence etc etc)

-When I reboot from windows both date/time and changes remains OK
-The system is poorly OCed for a quite long time with no problems.

The board is getting old i know (2006) and was wondering if this problem might be "normal" or may be corrected somehow.

First message on this forum, sorry if braking some posting rule.
And tnk you.