I have had this motherboard for around a year now and still haven't fixed this issue. My microphone is seriously quiet (please don't go on about "control panel settings" as I have already bin through everything you can imagine) but I was reading a forum post today and someone said they solved the issue.

ive been battling with the ac'97 quiet mic problem for a while now.
finally i have a solution...i wrote another stinky e-mail to asrock and they replied with a real solution to my suprise..they mailed me a file to replace a file in there released driver.
the file is : C-Media_patch.zip
it includes : cmuda.sys
and some batch files for 98/me/2k/xp

the instructions were as follows :

"Dear Sir,

Please follow the instructions below to install the patch attached.

1. Under Windows Desktop, Please refer below path find the "cmuda.sys" file.

"My Computer"-->"Local Disk C:"-- >"Program Files"-->"C-Media 3D Audio"-->"Driver"-->"Win_XP"

2. Please unzip attachment "cmuda.sys" file to above directory for replace the original "cmuda.sys".

3. Restart the system.

4. Before test, please also make sure the "Mic Boost" is enabled in Cmedia 3D Audio configuration

Thanks for the email.

Yours truly,


right,,,so i did this,,,no difference :S
but...if you follow those instructions,go to the windows device manager and try and update the driver manually,select the updated driver from the folder as above (eg. "My Computer"-->"Local Disk C:"-- >"Program Files"-->"C-Media 3D Audio"-->"Driver"-->"Win_XP") or wotever yours is
and tell windows to use this driver,re-boot.

for me this worked great and the mic was boosted way more than the 20db boost managed.
But no-one has uploaded this file to the internet so I cant update the driver with the patch that ASRock released, has anyone got any idea's on how I can get hold of this file?

Most appreciated,