I have been running a Asrock 945GCM-S motherboard with Intel core 2 Duo E8400 @3ghz
and TWO 2gb each of Kingston ddr2 KVR667D@/2GR memory for a total of 4gb.using all auto settings in bios.
I have been running Windows XP pro for a while now with absolutely no memory or hardware problems.
I used another hard drive to boot and installed Windows 7 pro 64bit. Ihave had nothing but problems with random system rebooots unable to boot even in safe made some times it takes 6 or 7 trys and it will boot. Ithen tried the windows 7 memory test ,it gets to 30% then reboots.It was driving me crazy, so I removed one memory stick and it passes mem
test and windows 7 boots first time everytime. I then removed that stick and put the other in the same slot SAME no problem. I then tried each stick in the other me slot everything worked fine.
I put both sticks back in and it reboots during mem test and takes maybe three reboots into windows then it will randomly reboot .
As I said Windows Xp runs fine with both mem sticks.

Can anyone help me? Its driving me nuts
Thanks in advance
Can anyone help me?