Hello there,

this my 1. Post. Yesterday we build a new System for my buddy. His old system was an overclocked opteron with my old gtx260.

Ok we have the named board, an AMD 4 Core (3400MHz) Black Edition and 2x 2GB Kingston 1600 HyperX RAM. We installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit, Drivers, Updates without a problem.

Installed steam and tried to start Black OPS. After 3-10 Seconds, in the loading screen, system freezes. Windwos Speed-Index, system freez. Installed another game, system freez. Tried official and Beta Driver, no chance.

The funny thing is, we can run HyperPi without a problem. He has an CoolerMaster 550W PSU, maybe 3 Years old. I thougt maybe the new system needs more Voltage that the PSU can give. Today he bought an new PSU, CoolerMaster 550W but a newer series. Same freez. This is not an Hardcore system, 550W with an good PSU has to be enough I think.

He visted me at home, we tested the GPU, no problem. Maybe the HyperX Ram, so I gave him my G-Skill 2133MHZ 2x 2GB Bundle. He tries settings with 1600MHz and 1333MHz, with 1,5-1,6 Volts, no chance.

Could the Board be broken?