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Thread: New Build Boot Problem - Asrock P67 Extreme 4

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    Default New Build Boot Problem - Asrock P67 Extreme 4

    Ok, so PC is built, updated and seems to be running 99% fine. The 1% is actually an issue at boot up.

    When I hit the power the computer will seem like it's going to turn on, fans turn, lights come on etc. and 2 seconds later it crashes. I don't have to do anything at this point, it will then try again and again and again etc. Typically after 2 or 3 attempts it fires up.

    Once the PC is running I don't have any issues and if I need to restart I don't have any issues, it's only the initial boot. On the motherboard there is a little display that has numbers, when I initially hit power it goes to 60 then might drop to 30 and then off. Second time might go 60 - 90 - 60 - 30 off. Third time it might go 60-90-60-90 then it will turn to letters which means it's on.

    Reading online doesn't give a whole lot of information about what the proble might be, it would make sense if it's the PSU but everything runs fine once it's booted and I'm only running 1 cpu, 3 hard drives, 1 dvd and 1 gpu ... my PSU is 700 watts and SLI certified.

    One thing i should note, on the motherboard it has 8 slots available for the CPU plug in. I do have 2, four pin connectors however I can only plug one in at a time due to the configuration of the connectors/holes. Also I did check the power plugins on the motherboard and they are all correct so nothing is crossed there. It almost seems like the motherboard isn't grounded.

    Any ideas?

    PC Parts:

    OCZ Gamexstream 700w
    Intel I7 2600K
    ATI HD RADEON 5870
    Gskill 4 gb DDR -2133

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    Default Re: New Build Boot Problem - Asrock P67 Extreme 4

    You should be fine with the 4 pin connector provided you have it plugged into the right side of the connector (check you manual for details).

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    Default Re: New Build Boot Problem - Asrock P67 Extreme 4


    First off Norf is right about the connections.

    Now for the Error Codes:

    Error Code 30= Reserved for ASL
    Error Code 60= DXE Core is started
    Error Code 90 = Boot Device Selection (BDS) phase is started

    ASL is basically Sleep states. Computer goes to sleep etc.

    For testing purposes please turn off all sleep options in your Bios and please make sure ACPI is selected in your bios under power management it should be I believe.

    Also please turn off all SATA controller Chips that you are not using.
    If you are only using the Intel SATA controller connections please turn off the other sata controller. I believe its a Marvell controller, I need to check on this.

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