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Thread: 890GX Extreme 3 will not boot after installing SSD

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    Cool Re: 890GX Extreme 3 will not boot after installing SSD

    If you did any OC ever on that mobo it's its fault, so it will need new mobo.
    I've had the same problem with only older hdd and checked all possibilities, none worked.
    Finally I bought extreme 4 and now its all fine.

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    Default Re: 890GX Extreme 3 will not boot after installing SSD

    Hi Guys,

    I joined here in hope to help this poor guy with his new PC setup. As some previous posters have mentioned, I agree in that it's probably a CPU heating issue. What I would try doing is removing the fan/heatsink off the CPU (Please make sure you have spare thermal compound) and clean off the old compound, reapply new and put the fan/heatsink back on. Also, make sure that fan is locked in 100% tight because if there is even small separation between the cpu and your heatsink/Fan your cpu temperature will jump by 100 degrees (Celsius) in a couple of seconds. This overheating is so quick you would generally not notice it.

    My theory comes from the fact I have done it to an old core 2 duo setup. The fan was locked in 98%, but didn't connect enough and my PCwould instantly shut off.

    I hope this really is your problem as its a quick fix, or someone else has resolved your issue as there is nothing more frustrating than your brand new pc not working for you :(.

    Good luck mate!

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