I got an hd3450 512m graphic card.
Right after the graphic card was mounted on the motherboard,
the windows 7 hp 32bit OS automatically installed a driver.
I think it was driver ver. 8621.
After updating the installed driver is ver. Ati tech. date 260111 ver. 8.821.0.0
There are no error prompts when running the graphic card.
I want to install this ati driver
ATI Radeon
ver. 11.3
Allthough there are no error during installation, the 11.3 driver
is simply not installed.
I have tried to a) disable and b) uninstall the 8.821.0.0 driver
before installing ver. 11.3 and restarting.
After restarting the computer automatically installs the 8.821.0.0
or just keeps it.
Question: How do I install the ver.11.3 driver?