ok, recently bought a asrock 870 extreme 3, very nice mobo, very pleased considering the price i got it for 50 however abit cheesed off 3 months later when i look for a bios update & i spot the new revision now sporting a black socket offering am3+ support. i imagine there's lots more peeps cheesed off too after amd all but confiming bulldozer was gonna work in am3. i see the new am3+ mobo's now coming out with the black socket & i understand the 1 pin difference should make the new cpu's mechanically incompatible with the current am3 motherboards, but i see not only that the new am3+ motherboards are using the current 7 & 8 series chipsets for the new am3+ socket, but that now asus are offering am3+ compatibilty on some of thier current am3 white socket motherboards via a bios update

is this a load of phooey or are current am3 sockets gonna be capable of running bulldozer with a simple bios update? if so, any plans from asrock to offer this?