Before buying an Asrock H67M-GE/HT motherboard, I would like to know whether there are any issues with installing Windows 7 (64 bits) in any of the following combinations:

  • UEFI boot (and GPT formatted drive, more or less than 2 TB) or legacy BIOS boot (and MBR formatted drive, less than 2 TB);

  • internal SATA drive or external eSATA drive.

Is any of the 4 combinations (UEFI+internal, UEFI+eSATA, BIOS+internal, BIOS+eSATA) possible for a given drive? I'm not sure about the last 3 ones (about eSATA and about BIOS).

Can boot order priority set by default to eSATA drive first, then internal SATA drive? If the eSATA drive is switched off, is the delay before booting on the internal drive quite short compared to whole boot duration (i.e. less than 2 or 3 seconds) or even better, is it configurable?

Thank you!
Thierry W.