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Thread: New P67Extreme4 build-need post codes

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    Default New P67Extreme4 build-need post codes

    Could someone please give me or provide a link to the post codes for the P67 Extreme4.
    I have just completed the build. On post everything starts for about 5 seconds then shuts down. Then in about 5 seconds it starts up and boots into windows. Other than that the board works great and there are no issues. I can restart with no problems.
    I have run Prime95, memory tests and HD diagnostics with no errors. Once started everything works.

    extreme4 (B3) Bios 1.6
    Corsair HX750
    HD 5770
    Asus Black CD/DVD
    G Skill 8GB DDR3-1866 (2X4GB)
    Intel X25-M

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    Default Re: New P67Extreme4 build-need post codes

    Dear thefonz,

    Please kindly refer to below link for user manual page 40.


    Have a nice day
    ASRock TSD

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    Default Re: New P67Extreme4 build-need post codes

    Asrock TSD Emily,
    I have those, but they are not the ones I need. I'm doing alot of assuming here- but. When you push the start button apparently Bios starts initializing things. The readout will begin showing things like 60 then 71 then 90 then 94. I am assuming those are the things it is initializing. Those are the codes I need, so that I can tell what is making it shut down. It doesn't show the codes listed in the manual. It doesn't show numbers like 0X83 or oX76, it just shows like 60, 70, 90 . those are what I need. Thanks for your help.

    EDIT: I would like all of the codes for future reference, but when I start up as soon as the led says 71 it shuts down, then restarts. Bios controllers - p67 are set to AHCI, marvell controller is disabled. Ram is properly recognized in bios, is set to XMP, and auto. I don't know how to stop the post screen so I can read it, but I thought I saw it say once that it could not find hard drive. I have 2 hard drives, 1 Intel SSD on P67 sata3 port and 1 Samsung Spinpoint on P67 sata2 port.
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