Hy! I have a really strange problem. I have two 80GB HDD and two external USB HDD. I bought 800GB HDD, connect it through USB. When I'm in windows (I have XP with SP3) everything works fine, but if I restart PC it doesn't boot, it just stays still in that POST screen just when it should boot into windows. Anyway I have to turn off this new drive and only then it boots normally and then I turn back on. This didn't bother me at all until now, when I seriously need to check all the HDDs with software SpinRite, but it doesn't recognize because the HDD is turned off. Can someone plz help me. Any advice at all.
I tried disabling USB boot in the BIOS, didn't work. Still "freezes" at post screen.
The HDD is WDC WD8000AARS-00Y5B1 (745 GB), my MB is ASRock K7S41GX.