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Thread: AsRock Extreme6 -- USB port devices don't register in BIOS

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    Question AsRock Extreme6 -- USB port devices don't register in BIOS


    Building 2 identical i7 systems with the P67 Extreme6 (B3) motherboard.

    First system is built and working fine.

    Second system is having problems.

    I setup the second system like the first system, but upon powering up I noticed the Blu-Ray DVD would not show up as a SATA device.

    Unplugged everything. Reseated all connections. Rebooted.

    Still no device showing up.

    Moved from the Intel port 3 to any other.

    Still no device showing up.

    Put in an older SATA DVD drive.

    Still no device showing up.

    WD HDDs in 0 and 1 SATA ports work and show up fine, though.

    In the first system it shows the Blue-Ray and WD HDDs in a RAID setup.

    In the second system no RAID shows, although I did set up the disks as RAID 0 in the Intel raid configuration.

    Have reset the CMOS even, but even at that basic BIOS screen it only registers the HDDs, keyboard and mouse. It's like any other SATA device does not exist.

    Furthermore, I can't decypher the error code. Looks like 60 or it could be b0.

    Can someone help me diagnose what is going on?

    System specs:

    Cooler Master HAF X case
    Seasonic x750w Gold Active PFC modular PSU
    P67 AsRock Extreme6 motherboard
    Intel i7-2006k 3.4Ghz processor
    4x2GB G.Skill Ripjaws X @ 2133 memory
    EVGA NVIDIA GTX5870 OC video card
    2x1TB WDD Black Caviar 1GB SATA 6.0/64mb - RAID0 - HDD
    LiteOn iHBS212 Blu-Ray Burner - DVD
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    Default Re: AsRock Extreme6 -- USB port devices don't register in BIOS

    Pressing the Clear CMOS button is not the same as taking out the CMOS battery.
    It is preferable to remove the CMOS battery then put it back.

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