i have a little trouble i have 3 pc same config : g41c-vs asrock , intel e 5500 2.8 ghz, 4 gb ram kingmax or elixir , 500 gb western digital , 1 optical drive sony optiarc, video hd 5450 sapphire .
The problem is : after some time the pc freazez and the no boot device or please inset boot device message apears or something like that . i tried other hdd , again same problem , other mb, ram ,psu,hdd ,cables and steal the same pb , on all the systems .
i'm kinda mad couse i can't find the pb.
The last thing i do is that i change the ,mb+ram+hdd+psu+connection cables and naw the sistem is steady until this day ...
this is only on sistem i "fixed" 2 more left , any solutions ? for the problem .