Before I start my specs:

My motherboard:

ASRock > Products > K7VT4-4X

-AMD Athlon XP 1900+
-300GB Harddrive
-Radeon 9000 128mb
-RAM was 2x512mb PC3200 DDR400 (2Gb max)
-Bios V1.80 (up to date)
-WinXP home SP3


Ok recently bought 2x1Gb sticks of ram to upgrade my PC. I bought PC2700 1GB DDR CL2.5 Samsung DIMM RAM non-eec for Home computers.Chips have...

Samsung K4H510838B-TCB3 written on them

Stickers and CPU-Z have: M368L2923BTNCB3

CPU-Z says= buffered: no, registered: no

I've tested both sticks seperately and together using memtest they are A-ok no problem passes.


Trouble is when I put both sticks in, the computer will not boot, it simply gets to a load screen (note: not the windows load screen) and then blacks out and reboots in circles. I can get into BIOS however and run memtest.

Sometimes I get a message that WINDOWS\System32\config\SYSTEM is missing or corrupted, that I should reboot the Windows installation cd and press 'r' for repair. When I try to do this, the Windows cd blue installation screen loads up and when it gets to the point where it says Windows is starting up it I get a BSOD.

One BSOD had the following:

BAD_POOL_CALLER 0x000000C2 0x00000007 0x00000CD4 0xF78D20DC

Please note: when I pull out either of the 1gb RAM sticks the computer works with no problem, only as soon as I put in both sticks does it refuse to load up and claims there is a file corrupted or missing.


What I've done so far:

1) Tried setting CL to 2.5 and RAM speed to 166Mhz in BIOS. I'm afraid no difference with both sticks in, removed a stick changed settings back to Auto.

2) Rresh install of Windows XP via the repair method. Problem still persists

Any help would be really appreciated as I'm at a loose end with this and have spent days trying to sort it. Thanks

P.S. This is on another forum but they appear unable to help me there.

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