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Thread: 890fx Deluxe 5 DOA?

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    Default 890fx Deluxe 5 DOA?

    Here is what I sent to ASROCK Tech support, I would like to know what you all think:
    I purchased the board brand new.
    no POST, no output to monitor.
    steady debug code 00 from the moment I press the power button, there are no other codes.
    I removed the CPU and RAM and the code stays the same.
    I unplug the 8-pin power cable and the code stays the same.
    I have cleared the CMOS (by jumper and removal of battery) and the code stays the same.
    I have tried different video cards in different slots and the code stays the same.
    Different PSU yields the same results with no change
    Bios Version: 1.20
    All fans and HDDs turn on

    What is the problem? Is the board inoperable?

    I do not have a different CPU to test with.
    This is my system:
    1090t 3.2ghz
    2x4gb G.Skill Sniper
    890fx Deluxe5
    950w power supply
    ASUS HD6950 directcu ii

    Please let me know what you all might think... Thanks in advance :)

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    Default Re: 890fx Deluxe 5 DOA?

    Dear Jason33w,

    Please kindly refer to below suggestions for testing.
    1. Clear CMOS to try. (Please refer to the user manual for clearing CMOS)
    2. Reinstall your CPU, memory and VGA card to try.
    3. Check the power connector of the VGA card is installed correctly.
    4. Please install the memory to white DRAM slot to try.
    5. Only install a stick memory by turns for testing.
    6. Install the VGA card to another PCIE slot to try.
    7. If possible, please kindly change another CPU, memory or VGA card for testing.

    If the problem still cannot be solved, please kindly contact your local dealer to check your system.

    Have a nice day
    ASRock TSD Emily

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    Default Re: 890fx Deluxe 5 DOA?

    If the board is mounted inside a case watch carefully the screws/standoffs not making contact with live solder points or layers - adjust the mobo accordingly by loosing all screws, plug cards in so the mobo can adjust towards the back panel, check alignment then tighten up.
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