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Thread: H61M/U3S3 USB Problems / HDMI Issues

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    Default H61M/U3S3 USB Problems / HDMI Issues

    I recently bought an ASRock H61/U3S3 motherboard and am having some odd USB behavior with it. First of all, I have a standard LCD display (2x20) that uses the FTDI USB to Serial controller and I cannot get it to work using the onboard USB headers on the motherboard. I can install drivers for it, but it just displays jibberish on the display when I try to use it. Also, my Xbox 360 wireless USB receiver will not work on any of the USB ports off the back, it just keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. On the USB3 ports, it picks everything up as an 'unknown device' and I have to force select drivers for any device I plug into it (including basic flash drives) At first I thought it was just a bad motherboard so I exchanged it for a replacement, but I am still having the same issues. For the time being, I have installed a VIA PCI USB Controller for the LCD display and the Xbox wireless adapter, but I would really prefer to use the built in USB ports if possible.

    As for other USB incompatibilities, I have an eHome IR Receiver that will not work on the USB3 ports at all, it just causes an instant BSD referring to the USB3 drivers, nor will either ATI Digital Cable Tuner card work on the USB3. I can get the ATI TV Tuners to work on the USB2, but it BSDs while installing the drivers, but works fine once it reboots.

    The final USB issue. Everytime the system goes into sleep mode, it wakes up on its own to blue screen on the USB3 drivers again. I have tried disconnecting all USB devices and it still happens. I have tried reinstalling the USB3 drivers and it hasn't helped.

    As for the HDMI, I cannot get into the bios while using HDMI, it just displays a mouse cursor on a black screen, if I switch it to VGA, I can access the bios just fine except for the fact the mouse will only move up and down. I have tried different mice.

    This is my 2nd H61M/U3S3 motherboard with the same exact problems, so I am finding hard to believe it is another bad motherboard. I was hoping someone could give me some advice to try to get this working..

    The Specs are as Follows:

    Windows 7 x64 SP1
    H61M/U3S3 Motherboard
    4GB G.Skill Memory
    Intel i3-2100t
    Seagate 1.5TB on the SATA3 Controller
    Samsung 1.5TB / WD 2TB / Seagate 2TB / LG BD Burner on the SATA2 Controller
    PCI VIA USB Controller (which I would like to remove)
    PCI Generic Firewire Controller
    2 x ATI Digital Cable Tuners (one plugged in internally, other with a cable into the back USB ports)
    2 x Motorola Tuning Adapters
    Card Reader (plugged into internal USB header)
    VLSystems LCD/VFD Display with USB->Serial Controller
    eHome Receiver
    XBOX 360 Wireless Gaming Controller Receiver
    Generic USB Keyboard/Mouse Combo
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    Default Re: H61M/U3S3 USB Problems / HDMI Issues

    Dear epsol,

    Sorry for the late reply.
    We use below device to do the test, but we cannot see the symptom as yours.
    USB IR receiver: TSDX-IR07
    Tv Tuner: Upmost AD360
    USB wireless receiver: SMC WiFi SMCWUSBS-N

    About system wake up automatically, if you used MCE, please kindly refer to below link for question 1 to disable the option in MCE for testing.


    Have a nice day
    ASRock TSD Emily

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