On my new build I installed HWMonitor and every thing appeared to read normaly. I had to reload Windows 7 and whrn I installed HWMonitor, the 12 volt reading rqanged betwee 0.9 and 2 volts (randomly). Also it did not read mu chasis fans or read 12000 or 0 rpm for my cpu fan. In bios, all the voltages and fan rpm's read normaly. Additionally, in ASROCK Extreme Utility, the voltages and rpm's for the cpu and chasis fans read correctly. I have noticed recently in the ASRock utility if the computer goes to sleep, when I wake it up the core voltage reads 0 or a negative number. When I reboot everything reads fine in the ASRock utility. HWMonitor, HWMonitor Pro and Everest still does not read the 12 volt or the fan speeds correctly. Any Ideas? Thanks for any help.

MB ASRock 890GX Pro 3
PSU Antec HCG 750
MEM 16GB GSkill 1600 (4-4GB Sticks)
Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 Extreme
Seagate 1TB 5700 rpm Hard Drive