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Thread: Memory problem with AsRock P67Extreme4 motherboard

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    Default Memory problem with AsRock P67Extreme4 motherboard

    I am new to the forums & have just bought my first AsRock motherboard (P67Extreme4)for a new system but am having problems with it.

    System specs are

    P\S Antec 750W high current
    M\B AsRock P67Extreme4
    RAM 16GB Kingston KHX1600C9D2K2 (4X4GB)
    CPU Intel i7-2600K
    Video Gainward Nvidia GTX570 Phantom
    HD 1 x OCZ SSD on SATA2 port
    2 x 500GB Seagate SATAIII in RAID0 on Intel ports
    1 x 1TB Segate SATAIII on Marvell port
    1 x SATA DVD Burner on SATA2 port

    The main problem is the motherboard BIOS & Windows 7 64-bit (Booting off SSD ) only recognise 8GB RAM as being installed. I have tried swapping all RAM chips around & it is apparent from testing that the RAM chips are all OK. If I install any 2 chips in any pair of slots 8GB shows, all chips installed 8GB still shows.

    There are also a couple of other less serious problems

    1. The SATAIII ports based on the Marvell chipset do not show up in the BIOS listing, the BIOS only shows 4 X SATA2 & 2 X SATA3. Windows 7 Pro (64bit)shows the drive OK & it appears to function normally. The BIOS has been cleared\reset in case I managed to stuff up some settings but it didn't change anything. Is this normal operation or is there something wrong somewhere?

    2. The USB3 port is flaky & keeps disconnecting the external hard drive I use for backups. It is a new hard drive case rated for USB3 & works OK in the USB2 ports. I have the latest AsRock supplied drivers but I have read this is an ongoing problem with what is relatively new technology.I can live with it until there is a fix if I can get the other problems fixed up.

    Any help or suggestions welcome

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    Default Re: Memory problem with AsRock P67Extreme4 motherboard

    I have the same proble on my ASRock Z68 Extreme4

    Slot #1 and #2 does not work, only #3 and #4 works

    If i put any ram into #1 or #2, my computer refuses to boot up

    Am using corsair vengeance (CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9B) pc3-12800 ram running at 1333~

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