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Thread: Needing help troubleshooting a A770DE+

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    Default Needing help troubleshooting a A770DE+

    well hello

    after my am2 dfi board went up in smoke i went out to replace my am2 system with a asrock a770DE+
    boots ok with a test stick of ram

    if i place them in single channel mode, it will recognize the 2 sticks in dimm1/3 or dimm2/4.
    however populating dimm1/2 or dimm3/4 or all four slots it will not post/boot

    ive checked ram compatability and it seems neither set is listed on asrock's site however this seems strange as it worked on my old system, and i have recently tested on 2 other ddr2 boards of other manufacturer's and it was just fine

    so im a little stumped as to what could be the problem besides having picky ram vendors list or could it be something else?

    ram sets are
    gskill 2x1 gig f2-5300phu2-2gbnt
    adata 2x4 gig ddr2 800 (do not have product#, cannot find it, can take pic if needed)

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    Default Re: Needing help troubleshooting a A770DE+

    1st thing that jumps out of my head is are you mixing the ram? slot 1-2 should be from same mfg. same for 3-4. 2nd thing is the memory timing is probably off, the g.skill in mine is 5-5-5-15. the adata is probably not the same. 3rd thing is memory voltage, both mfg. may not use the same. auto on the voltage may not work best.

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