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Thread: m3a770de oc

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    Default m3a770de oc

    mb: m3a770de w/ bios v1.70
    cpu: amd3 1055t 2.8ghz
    ram: gskill 4 x 2gb ddr3 1600mhz
    psu: rosewill 1000w
    cpu cooler: scythe katana3

    the motherboard has a dummy oc feature which i've tried getting it up to 3.5ghz. it's stable with normal windows/gaming tasks but unstable when running intelburntest (5 passes on standard). i've since tweaked cpu, nb, voltages on cpu and nb and ram freq with cpu still running at 3.5ghz.

    cpu fsb/freq: 14x250 (3500mhz)
    cpu voltage: 1.4225
    nb: x9 2250mhz
    nb voltage: 1.225
    ram: 1333mhz

    it passes the test with intelburntest with 5 passes on standard. however, it'll bsod on the last pass (5 total) on very high. i've had it running for several days with these settings on windows/gaming and no issues. it runs smooth but i'm just not sure if i should be concerned that it won't fully finish 5 passes on very high with intelburntest. i'm also not sure if up'ing the cpu voltage will result in better stability as it's already at a high voltage level. as i run intelburntest the cpu voltage is typically higher than what i've set it at in bios (reaching 1.5v+ during burn test). i use hwmonitor and cpu temps are between 50c to 60c.

    does anyone have this motherboard/cpu combo and have successfully stabilized their oc at 3.5ghz or 3.6ghz and at what settings? should i worry about my current 3.5ghz settings as it's stable with windows/gaming and passed 5 on standard with intelburntest?

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    Default Re: m3a770de oc

    it looks to be that my motherboard only has a 4+1 power phase design limiting all hope of high end overclocking especially with a hexacore cpu. apparently, 6-cores are heavy on the vrm system thus preventing additional juice being pumped into the chip. boosting vcore will not only add more pressure to the cpu but could potentially fry away mb/cpu.

    since windows/gaming is rock solid with running at 3.5ghz, i can live with that. i'll just have to pick up a new mobo if i want higher clocks.

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