Here is my issue,
I am trying to update my bios to the most current bios for this board, ASrock A780gxe bios 1.80. About two years ago I updated the bios to 1.50 so I could get the latest CPU codes and I installed a Phenom II 550BE X2 CPU without any problems. Well I want to upgrade my computer now and I want to go to a Phenom 965 or the 970 quad core and need the 1.80 bios for the new CPU codes.
I downloaded the 1.80 bios windows version and attempted to run it just as the instructions say to, but as soon as it opens the screen goes black and I get a BSOD stating- Special Pool Detected Memory Corruption. I have tried and tried to chase down the reason for the BSOD but have come up with nothing. I have even tried updating using the 1.60 and 1.70 Bios updates and have had the same issue.
So I attempted to go the DOS route. I created a bootable thumb drive and downloaded the Dos version of 1.80 and unzip it to the thumb drive. I boot up from the thumb drive and I get the A: prompt. I type in the bios name hit enter and a box appears with the American Megatrends (or whatever) logo, but then I get a message below it stating Error: problem opening file for reading.
I have set my bios back to its default and have even cleared the CMOS and tried both of the methods and have gotten the same results. I have even tried creating a bootable CD with the bios on it and get the same results.
So if anyone knows whats going on or have had this problem before and know how to fix it please let me know. I am open to suggestions!! Thanks.