The system presenting the issue consists of the following.

ASRock Z68 Extreme4
Intel i5 2600K
Kingston HyperX RAM
Dual EVGA GTX 570's in SLI
Cooler Master 1200 watt Silent Pro

It seems the more 3D and graphic intensive applications I run the more static and stuttering is produced. I am using the Digital Optical audio output only, the system is connected to a UPS that is running on a grounded circuit. I have rerouted the cables within the system with no effect. I have disabled C1E and adjusted power balancing. My fear is that this is EMI emitted from the video cards, being a flaw with ether the video cards themselves or the motherboards ability to shield video card emi. Or this could simply be a defective motherboard. This is a really amazing box with what seemed (at least at first) like a simple issue. I would appreciate your thoughts.