I bought an ASRock 770DE3L ( ASRock > Products > 770DE3L ) yesterday, which accepts CrossFire, or so it's said on the web-site.

I installed 2x5850 AMD cards on it. The main one works, but the other doesn't get recognised at all, not even as an unknown device in the device manager in Windows XP SP3.

I connected them to an Antec 650Watt power-supply, 60A on the 12v.

Installed the latest Catalyst, and SM bus driver.

One thing i've noticed is that the secondary card's fan is running at max (very loud), while the other is running normal (silent). Also, if i remove all the power cables from the secondary card, the fan doesn't rotate, which led me to believe that the card doesn't receive power from the PCIe slot for some reason.

The 2 cards are Sapphire HD 5850 Xtreme 1GB.

I also tried to bridge them, no difference.

Please help, thank you.