Configuration: ASRock 890GX Pro3 motherbaord, 8 GB ram, two Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 SATA 6Gb/s 1 TB Internal Hard Drive 32MB Cache (ST31000524AS) for Raid 1, Antec ASUS DRW-24 DVD, Earthware 650 Watt Power Supply, External USB Floppy drive.

Windows 7 requires you to press F6 to install the third-party Raid driver from the Floppy disk drive. The motherboard uses F6 to select the Instant Flash update option. I cannot get to the Raid install. I always get the Instant Flash setup.

The Windows Boot manger opens with only three options: Windows Setup, For Advanced Options Press F8 and Windows Memory Diagnostic. Pressing F6 here does nothing. Pressing F8 starts the Windows installation. Pressing F8 followed quickly by F6 also starts the Windows installation.

I have tried several different UEFI setup options. The current one is: Under Advance/ Storage Configuration/ SATA Controller - Enabled; SATA MODE - RAID Mode; SATA IDE Combined Mode - Enabled.
SATA3_5 : ASUS DRW-24 ATAPI ; eSATA : Not detected. No other SATA drives detected.

Shouldn't the Seagate HDD drives be seen here. They are connected to SATA2 and SATA4.

Any suggestions?

Thank you, Bob