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Thread: ASRock Z68 PRO3 quiet CPU cooler suggestions?

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    Default Re: ASRock Z68 PRO3 quiet CPU cooler suggestions?

    Corsair H60

    Using it with the Z68 Pro3-M in a Micro ATX case and loving it. Temps never go above 65 (OC to 4.5 )

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    Default Re: ASRock Z68 PRO3 quiet CPU cooler suggestions?

    lower timings,higher speed=increased bandwidth.
    lower voltage because controller is on chip.
    "Special sandybridge" 1.5v memory doesnt really seem to be necessary as the"older" 1.65v ddr3 stuff is working ok .
    Still I would get memory running at 1.5v ,1.65v rated stuff,you havent got any headroom if u do want to up the voltage a little.

    1600mhz rated memory seems to be the best price/performance speed for sandy(according to articles) .

    Ive tried clocking my memory to 1600(its 1300) but it wont hold 1600 at hi cpu overclock,for me and cpu overclock is now as u say much more important since the speeds arent linked by fsb.

    5.0ghz 78-85C(probably would get hotter) no long term testing 1 hr max,just too hot n noisy.
    4.8ghz 72-80C long term testing
    4.6ghz 65-73C long term testing
    4.4ghz 60-65C long term testing

    Large cpu voltage needed(for me) from 4.4ghz it really goes up!
    some screenshots around in other posts of mine ,just too lazy to go looking for them.

    n Yes I would like to be able to have my cpu running 5.0 ghz 24/7 just cos its a nice round number ,but 4.8 is so much easier to achieve and nothing seems strained.
    If you check thru reviews of medium/hi end mbrds,they all seem to get a max reading in the 4.8-4.9 region.seems about right.
    If yours is a v good chip that doesnt need a lot of volts as some seem to have,you should do a lot better on speed and temps.
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    Zalman 10x cooler.................... Coolermaster V8............................ HP cooler
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    Win7 64 ,750w psu(ocz)............ Win7 64 ,520w psu,seasonic...... Win XP pro ,400w psu

    HEC 6A34 case . ....................... Jeantec R2 case............................ Packard Bell case

    hoping to upgrade to

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    Cool Re: ASRock Z68 PRO3 quiet CPU cooler suggestions?

    I use Zalman Flex with 14cm Thermalright cooler
    very quiet and nice

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    Default Re: ASRock Z68 PRO3 quiet CPU cooler suggestions?

    Quote Originally Posted by Marx View Post
    I am owner of this motherboard for 5 days now. I have i5 2500k and Cooler Master TX3, and TX3 is quiet enough. But it seems that there is some problem with BIOS/UEFI since it doesn't control CPU fan speed as it should. Once it starts to speed up it seems it goes to the full speed without slowing down when the CPU temperature goes down. Also it seems that no matter what, CPU temps cannot go lower than 45C as it is the lowest value in the UEFI. I have tested 2500k and TX3 with Prime95 and temps go up to 70C and I've noticed that fan haven't speed up nor slowed down during the test. No matter what the temperature was it remained at full speed. UEFI setting is auto/45C/Level 1.

    The reason for this story is... CM 212+ is good cooler, but it tends to be noisy at high fan speed. If you have the same problem as I do with the motherboard, the noise is still going to be a problem. UEFI just doesn't control fans as it should. The only solution is to use ASRock eXtreme Tuner and apply the fan control settings now and then since the fan just can't slow down as it should.
    If you have the UEFI CPU Fan control settings at Auto, 45V, and Level 1, that is correct, except the Level 1 setting is the lowest fan speed possible. The Fan Target Speed level setting should be adjusted for a given fan, as fans all differ in their speeds at various voltage/level settings. Then the cooling ability of the cooler and fan pair, as well as the fan's noise level, influence the selection of the Level. The Target Fan Speed level seems to be the lowest speed the fan will operate at, regardless of CPU temperature.

    You can see the CPU fan speed in the Hardware Monitor screen of AXTU. As you know, changing fan speeds in AXTU overrides the UEFI settings. The Target Temperature setting seems to not do much if anything, but it actually does, with some coolers. Setting the Target Temperature to 45C, it's lowest setting, causes the CPU fan speed to stay higher as long as the CPU temp is above or close to that temperature.

    In your case, I'm guess that the fan speed stays high, even when not running P95, because your cooler is not a super high performance cooler. It never goes to the Level 1 speed, because the CPU temp is to close to the Target Temperature. If you raised the Target Temperature to a higher value, the CPU fan might slow down more.

    But, all of this depends on the CPU temperature, at idle in particular, which you did not mention. If your idle temps are close to 45C, that explains it.

    While I agree that the fan control software on this board is not the best I've seen, and tends to be slow in it's response, my CPU fan speed does go up and down depending on CPU temperature. It's possible you have a defective PWM fan, which must be on the four pin PWM fan connector to work correctly.

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