Got my new componets yesterday

i5 2500k
Asrock Z68 extreme 4
4gb or 1600 ripjaw

Rest of system is

Thermaltake toughpower 850w

I installed the new components, set voltages in bios, installed windows and so far everything was fine.

I then installed black ops which crashed when saving changes, I also had issues with other games too, the following day (today) I had another go, checking voltages, re-seating ram and gfx card, updating drivers etc with no avail.

I then smelled burning so I quickly switched off my pc, I checked connections again and rebooted the smell was gone, while broswing the web later my mobo made a loud crack sound and switched off, it won't start back up and I'm currectly using my old skt 775 system proving psu and evrything else is fine.