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Thread: coaxial SPDIF add-on for ASRock Z68 boards?

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    Default coaxial SPDIF add-on for ASRock Z68 boards?

    Looking to buy a coaxial SPDIF addon. Anyone know if these are available?

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    Default Re: coaxial SPDIF add-on for ASRock Z68 boards?

    I dont know where you can buy one but if your mobo has the header ( most do) then its easy to make one. I used an old video out bracket that I had laying around and just seperated the pins before attching to the header (make sure you DONT connect to the 5v pin as that is used for powering the optical outs.)
    I'm new here and not sure if I can use links to other forums (if not, admin please delete the link) but there is a detailed 'howto' here
    HOWTO: Make a coax SPDIF output bracket - AVS Forum

    It sounds complicated but took about 5 mins.
    Remember that once done, you need to go into windows -playback devices (RT click the speaker/volume icon in system tray) and select spdif as the default output or you wont get any sound.
    Have fun.

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    Default Re: coaxial SPDIF add-on for ASRock Z68 boards?

    Same issue I have a z87 extreme/tb4. Has optical spdif but no coaxial.

    I noticed this bracket on Amazon..
    However when I look at the motherboard diagram the only header is HD_audio1 for the front panel... don't see SPDIF on that header.

    coaxial SPDIF add-on for ASRock Z68 boards?-z87-extreme4tb4_01-jpg

    I wonder if I can get coaxial off this motherboard?

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    Default Re: coaxial SPDIF add-on for ASRock Z68 boards?

    I'm not aware of a coaxial SPDIF header on any of the newer and new ASRock boards I have. If it is there, it is not documented.

    It is simple to wire one of these connections up as stated above, it's only two wires. A piece of 75 ohm coaxial cable would be best, but you can buy a simple twisted pair cable with a two pin connector. Some video cards have an SPDIF header for their built in audio, possibly an option.

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