After a basic windows XP install on a Asrock P5B-DE (Yes - an older 775 core duo mobo, but still usable), following problem occured...

A low - but annoying - silence sound from the output was present. This is what we know as 'hiss' or like a radio tuned without station.

Focus on open input's like microphone (esp. boost) and other sources of errors investigated (no ext. speakers connected but only earphones). Newest driver DL and installed etc. etc.

The fun thing was, that this 'silence' sound came only AFTER the first pause after playing music OR opening the sound chip's mixer panel.

After giving up and going into coma from tiredness, I switched off the main power to the computer.

Next day this 'silence' sound was gone.

So what's worth knowing.

Sometimes electronics, like in this case has to be switched totally off before running correctly.

Apparently You cannot install the sound drivers on this board/sound chip AND JUST ONLY REBOOT and have it run without this problem.

Today's power supply's, supply power to parts in standby and may cause such problems, though I have not encounterd this kind of problem as long back i....