So I did a fresh install of Win7 64bit. I started installing all my usual drivers (video, sound, etc) and steam, etc. When I installed SEP antivirus, rebooted, it booted into low res mode like as if my video card drivers were never installed (I right click my desktop, Windows see only a generic video card). So I turned off and/or rebooted the PC, its back to normal. It occasionally still does this low res mode at random and not often (thankfully). So I was wondering does SEP have a weird reaction with the motherboard/video card? Its a stretch, but I'm guessing its related to SEP since it started happening since I installed it. This never happened when I had the older x58 extreme with all the same hardware.

Current Hardware:
x58 extreme6
i7 920 @ 3.6
6gb corsair dom.
2 geforce 580gtx sli
1TB WD black
1200w corsair psu

Older Hardware:
exactly same as above but with x58 extreme