Hello again, I'm back with some more problem reports. Recently i have bought the Creative X-FI Xtreme Music PCI sound card. Problem is , the card starts up normally , but most of the times not. When i start the computer many times i don't have audio and in device manager it says "Creative SB X-fi" with a yellow mark.I'm 100000% sure its not a driver/software related issue because i have tested the sound card on 3 different PC's with different hardware. Every time works fine. Only in my PC(motherboard) it acts strange.
One more problem , I also bought the AMD Radeon HD 6770 Graphics card. When playing games most of the times, at a random moment my screen goes black, audio keeps going for about 10 seconds, after that audio freezes too.Long story short - i've made hungreds of tests and narrowed it down to my motherboard again. The PC doesnt crash ONLY if I put my 6770 to the first PCI-E SLOT and my old HD3850 to the second PCI-E slot. Tested the card on other PC's aswell - no problems.Strange huh???

Also i would take the opportunity to ask for a beta bios for my MOBO. I am ready to do anything to make these problems go away