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Thread: ASRock z68 Pro3-M Initial Boot No Display

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    Default Re: ASRock z68 Pro3-M Initial Boot No Display

    Quote Originally Posted by SikeMo View Post
    What is Dr. Debug? I actually have a PCIe video card I can try... hadn't thought of that. Otherwise I have tried everything else. I am really thinking it's the CPU at this point as I tried Patriot RAM and G Skill RAM with an MSI mobo previously and it resulted in power cycling (same CPU). Sold the G Skill RAM and now I've only tried the Patriot RAM with this mobo, but I don't think it's the problem.
    OK, my bad. I just realized that you are using a Pro3-M not an Extreme4. On the Extreme4 there is a two digit display on the MB showing diagnostic codes, that doesn't seem to exist on the Pro3-M.

    Also note that the MB/case speaker connector I referred to in my last e-mail was for the Extreme4 not the Pro3-M. I checked the online manual and the case speaker on the Pro30M is connector 18 not 25. Please double check before installing.

    If you're confident that the memory and power supply are good, then it must be the CPU and/or the motherboard. You could be really unlucky and both could be bad or maybe the MB is bad and it shorted out/messed up the CPU. If the graphics card works then I guess the problem is with the onboard graphics hardware, but if it doesn't work then the problem could still be either the CPU or the MB. Maybe a case speaker will give you some indication (like a "no CPU" error).

    Just had another thought. You might check your CPU socket to see if any pins are bent or damaged.
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