Hello all,

I have a very weird and frustrating issue with my ASRock Z68 Extreme4. I am running two Radeon 6970's in crossfire, and I have hooked all of the power up correctly (including the extra power on the motherboard).

EVERY time I boot, it goes directly in to BIOS at the home page. If I reset it goes right back in. If I "exit and discard changes", it continues to windows and works fine. The crossfire is working fine and the system is stable in windows (I am typing this from the same PC). I updated from 1.2 BIOS to 1.6 and no change. I noticed that there was error code A6 (SCSI Detect) on the motherboard when it enters BIOS, but goes away after I exit and discard changes.

- Are there any settings in BIOS I should check related to crossfire?
- Any ideas as to what could be causing this?

Thank you!