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Thread: 1st build, confused by BIOS settings

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    Default 1st build, confused by BIOS settings

    Hi everyone,

    I'm coming close to completing my first system build. I've based it around the Asrock P67 Pro3 motherboard with a i5-2500K chip.

    I'm very confused by the BIOS settings that are presented to me. At this point I'm not interested in overclocking, so is it safe to assume that the defaults will provide me with a safe/stable system? Can I assume that the defaults will give me the stock voltages that things like my processor and memory expect?

    I read through the guide and all I recall seeing it mention to change was the storage configuration from IDE to ACHI (think I got that right). Is that the only setting I should really muck with or are there others people here recommend?

    Btw, is there anyway to reset to defaults if I make some changes? I couldn't seem to find this setting.

    Thanks so much in helping me get started.

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    Default Re: 1st build, confused by BIOS settings

    If you ever make an adjustment in the bios and now your PC won't boot.Look in your book that came with the motherboard and they should show you where the clear c-mos jumper is.All you do is move it from one set of pins to the other.Leave it there for a second or two and move it back to the original position and now your back to a default setting where your PC will now boot.If for some reason you can't find the bios jumper you can always pop the battery off the board and pop it back in again,does the same thing.

    On start-up the default settings SHOULD make it safe to start the PC without damage to any component.In the bios the settings you might want to check is your on-board things such as usb controllers,Firewire & sound you should check to see if they are enabled.Your memory and CPU settings should be all mostly set to AUTO.So you shouldn't have to worry about that right now.You did say you changed the drive setting from IDE to ACHI,thats ok but just make sure you load the RAID/AHCI driver in the beginning of your windows installation.When you fire-up the windows disk as you go though the the first stages of the windows disk it should tell you or ask you if you want to load drivers at this point is when you have the RAID/ACHI driver ready for install.If you don't put the driver in when your installation is done and windows starts to load windows will blue-screen.Don't panic...ether go back into the bios and switch the setting back to IDE or scrap your windows installation and start over..your choice....Hope this helps

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