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Thread: asrock ion 3d 152d choppy 1080p playback

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    Default asrock ion 3d 152d choppy 1080p playback


    I bought the asrock ion 3d 152d running with win 7 and I have it hooked with hdmi to Epson projector and the problem is whenever I put on a full hd mkv...I get choppy playback and it is driving me crazy!
    i have tried different media players ( vlc , media classic, xbmc, bs player...) also tried different nvidia drivers but the problem remains...should I try installing more memory ( currently 2gb)
    Asrock is not overclocked...does anybody know for a solution for this problem?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: asrock ion 3d 152d choppy 1080p playback

    Only VLC got its own codecs. VLC is a nice tool to watch movies on the PC Monitor, but it's not good for home cinema. Mabe VLC uses DVXA now, but i have never enjoyed a jitter free picture without lags.
    At least two of the other players you have named are using the codecs you have installed. These programs do only manage the "handshake" between file and codec.
    For best Picture i use the media player classic HOME CINEMA, in 3D fullscreen mode. There you can configure that the PJ switch to 24P when you have got a 24P Movie.
    It's the only way you get exactly the framerate synced to the Epson PJ. The bad thing is, you lose the possibility to make the "rightclick" to change the language for example.
    To use DVXA the DIVX Codec pack is quite stable with broken files and easy to configure. Just put a check in DVXA encoding. Then you must choose this codec in the Mediaplayer home cinema. English is not my mother language, so i think you a forced to google a little bit for "dvxa, mediaplayer classic home cinema, divx codec"

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