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Thread: 890GX EXTREME4 Motherboard Killing Video Hardware Possibly?

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    Default 890GX EXTREME4 Motherboard Killing Video Hardware Possibly?

    First time poster here, fyi.

    So I built a new system using an old video card (Old as in 1 year). An HD5750 1G. System is the above mobo, Phenom II 980 3.7Ghz Quad not overclocked. 8G GSkill Sniper, OCZ 700w Ps. OCZ Solid 3 SSD, 3 spinning HD's for movie storage (4.5T total), card reader, LG Blu-Ray drive, etc.

    Ok, so after a few weeks of the system acting very strange, even rebooting at random, finally I remove the vodeo card and that stuff goes away. I was also getting video resets, and artifacts on the screen indicating video ram issues.

    This is a home theater PC so using one monitor is pretty useless. Went to the onboard video while waiting for a new video card that comes today. Ordered Friday. That's a HD6770.

    Hooked the onboard DVI to my Viewsonic 24" 1920x1200 monitor, and within 2 days, lost input on the DVI. I have two of these, I decided perhaps the one monitor died so I put the second one on. Within the same day, lost DVI input on that one too. I'm not a happy camper. Needless to say, getting 16:10 ratio monitors to replace these will be a pricey arrangement.

    So the questions are, could the motherboard have killed my video card. It's either some loss of communications or it's killed my monitors. I am not real interested in hooking it up to my home theater receiver to find it kills that too, or worse yet, my projector.

    Any insights appreciated.

    Fyi, I get no video at all via DVI. Did not try via HDMI to DVI. VGA works for now, but I have no idea how long it'll be till it kills the VGA ports on the monitors and they're dead for good. I'm still hoping foolishly that theres a way to restore them to working, but they no longer work on either of my other two systems via DVI.

    The bios is the version 1.0 on the mobo. There is a beta available that says it has better legacy support, not sure what that means.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Default Re: 890GX EXTREME4 Motherboard Killing Video Hardware Possibly?

    From the manual, you cannot connect DVI and HDMI simultaneously; Although, it is a bit unclear! To have read these lines (from manual):

    Quote Originally Posted by Manual of "890GX Extreme4"
    Connect DVI-D monitor cable to VGA/DVI-D port on the I/O panel, connect D-Sub monitor cable to VGA/D-Sub port on the I/O panel, or connect HDMI monitor cable to HDMI port on the I/O panel.
    It is so suggested that D-SUB and HDMI are mutually exclusive, while regarding the following warning, these are DVI and HDMI:

    Quote Originally Posted by Manual of "890GX Extreme4"
    DVI-D and HDMI ports cannot function at the same time. When one of them is enabled, the other one will be disabled.
    IMHO, something has to be revised!
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