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Thread: V-core voltages???

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    Default V-core voltages???

    OK,I don't have hardly any experiance with ASRock products and now i have 3 ASRock m-boards.1 AM3 M3A770DE,2 939 Dual-SATA 2,3 K8Upgrade-NF3 754.I'm getting high v-core readings on the 939 & 754 boards,The AM3 board is showing high readings on the 5v & 12v.The 939 board i have manually selected v core at 1.35 but it fluctuates from 1.35 to 1.45 the max volts for the 3700 is 1.40v,It's the same with the 754 board but worse,I have 2 3400's and tried them both, manually set v core at stock 1.5 but the board runs them at 1.580 with no fluctuation at all and max v core is 1.55v.This is all without any load and it doesn't matter if cool & quiet is on or off.My AM3 board has good v core but 5v=5.280 and 12v=12.280.I've got 2 new ultra psu''s,a550w & 650w and a newly factory refurbed PC power&cooling psu at 420w.I've seen small fluctuations on other boards but never over-volted on v core and 5.099 and 12.099 is the most i've seen there. these just seem big especially the 754 board.So do i have bad boards?I know my CPU's are good.Any input would be greatly apprecieated.

    The AM3 board is only 2 months old,The 939 & 754 boards are supposed to be Manufacturer refurbished.The seller has a lot of different socket types and all ASRock, Manufacturer refurbished supposedly and i have around 60 good cpu's that i just cant find new boards for and bussiness is suffering without good boards.
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