Hey I've been having the same problem for over a month now and I'm really stuck on what to do.

I bought an ASRock N68c-s ucc Motherboard and installed an AMD 265 x2 processor, 2x2gb of corsair ram(@1333mhz), 1tb seagate HDD and a DVD drive.

Everything was good for the first couple of months and then suddenly I ran into a problem where every time I turned the machine on it would just go to the bios setup utility and stay there no matter what. I've tried flushing the cmos, resetting all settings to defaults, changing every setting individually, changing the ram, removing the HDD and reformatting it on a separate machine and even switching to another copy of the same mobo (same problem).
Still every time I turn on the machine I get stuck in the bios setup for eternity and even when I choose save and exit it just restarts and goes straight into the bios setup.
This problem has got me and my friend stumped and I'm starting to think that 10 years of combined experience in desktop construction isn't enough to figure this out.

So if anyone can think of anything else I can try to sort out this machine or has even come across the same problem before and figured out what the problem was already then I'll be extremely grateful.