So I just bought a new rig with an ASRock P67 Extreme, i5 2500+ and SSD.

I was finally able to get the Windows 7 installation to recognize the hard drive by switching the Storage Configuration to 'IDE' instead of 'AHCI. Keep in mind it's currently plugged into port 0 SATA2. I install Windows and install all drivers from the motherboard disk.

I wanted to add my 2TB drive to SATA2 and move the SSD to SATA3. Before even connecting the 2TB drive, I move the SSD to SATA3 and change the storage configuration to IDE, AHCI, Disabled... no matter what option the drive couldn't boot Windows. I move it back to SATA2, switch storage configuration back to IDE and it won't boot! This is the second time this has happened and I've reinstalled Windows on it.

Is there some driver I'm still missing or configuration option within the BIOS? No matter was it seems to not be detected. And why after switching everything back to how it was originally loaded it no longer works???!