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Thread: Are there problems with the Extreme6 and OCZ Vertex 3 drives?

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    Default Are there problems with the Extreme6 and OCZ Vertex 3 drives?

    Do any of you know of any incompatibility between the extreme6 and the OCZ vertex 3 SSD drives?

    I have RMAed 3 drives (on my 3rd drive now), and out of 4 drives, only 1 is working (the 2nd I purchased). So, 3 have failed, each an RMA. They either cause the system to delay for 5-10 seconds, or so, and random intervals, and my latest drive, the 3rd one I have tried from them, locks up my system every 30-60 mins. No blue screen, just the app I'm running will lock up, causing it to appear hung, and it never recovers, no alt-tab, and the task manager won't launch either.. spinning cursor though, and I can move it, so it's not a 100% lockup.

    I have been using a standard hard drive as a boot disk with 0 problems, until I tried to raid 0 two 120gig vertex 3 drives. I am back on my standard drive now, because I can't tolerate the constant crashing and data loss.

    I have 1 vertex3 that I bought after I RMA's my 1st, and that one seems to be functioning fine (when I was using it stand-alone, no-RAID).

    I have lost countless hours cloning drives, recovering from crashes, backing up vital data, and lost many hours of work over this, as I make my living using this PC.

    If anyone knows anything, please let me know.

    I was able to flash both SSD's to latest firmware (x.11 or something, as of 8-10-11). The raid array and the drives are running off the Intel sata3 bus.

    I can't take this anymore!

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    Default Re: Are there problems with the Extreme6 and OCZ Vertex 3 drives?

    I am not sure since I dun have either Extreme6 & vertex 3.

    However, I read somewhere else there is stability issue with vertex 3 drives from some users, even with updated firmwares.

    I suggest you could check to see whether it's ok with other brand of SSD.

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