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Thread: ASRock P67 Fatal1ty Professional - Random System Crashes and Freezes

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    Default ASRock P67 Fatal1ty Professional - Random System Crashes and Freezes

    I am currently having an issue where the system BSOD's or freezes. I am starting to wonder if the motherboard is the cause. It either happens during gaming or heavy multitasking. In the last three days it has froze about four times and BSOD'd once. Also the icons on the desktop will randomly and periodically blink white for a fraction of a second a few times an hour, it might even be the whole desktop that blinks. When it freezes everything on the screen just stays locked where it is, and I get all sorts of digital static through the speakers. At that point all I can do is hit the reset button. But when I hit the reset button the system powers off. Then when I hit the reset button again it powers on. Not sure why the reset button is acting like a power button. Then Windows will ask me what mode I want to start in. I just go back to normal, and it seems to run fine. The one BSOD of I got was during multitasking. I believe I had Outlook, OneNote, and two Internet Explorer windows open with about 20-30 tabs open total between the two of them. The BSOD message after my PC restarted is as follows:
    Problem Event Name: BlueScreen<o:p></o:p>
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.<o:p></o:p>
    Locale ID: 1033<o:p></o:p>
    <o:p> </o:p>
    Additionalinformation about the problem:<o:p></o:p>
    BCCode: 116<o:p></o:p>
    BCP1: FFFFFA8036DBC210<o:p></o:p>
    BCP2: FFFFF8800F844CD8<o:p></o:p>
    BCP3: FFFFFFFFC00000B5<o:p></o:p>
    BCP4: 000000000000000A<o:p></o:p>
    OS Version: 6_1_7601<o:p></o:p>
    Service Pack: 1_0<o:p></o:p>
    Product: 256_1

    My System information is as follows:
    ASRock Fatal1ty P67 Pro
    Intel i7-2600K
    ASUS Royal Knight CPU cooler
    Arctic Silver 5
    2 x EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti FPB 1GB bridged, but SLi turned off.
    4 x 4GB Kingston HyperX DDR3 1600
    Thermaltake Black Widow 850W PSU
    2 x Seagate Constellation ES 2TB SATA3 in RAID 1
    2 x Lite-On DVD-RW burners
    3.5" FDD w/ memory card reader
    Cooler Master HAF X full tower
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

    I am not doing any overclocking, and I am just running at the stock speeds. I ran Memtest86+ last week for about eight hours, which gave me two full passes with no errors. I also tried some troubleshooting with the video cards. I was getting some BSODs starting a few weeks ago. So about five days ago I do a full new install of Windows from scratch to see if that would fix it. It stopped most of the BSODs, but the the system freezes with the noise coming from the speakers is something new. At this point I am leaning towards the possibility that there is an issue with the motherboard because of the speaker static and the weird operation of the reset button.
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    Default Re: ASRock P67 Fatal1ty Professional - Random System Crashes and Freezes

    Dear MADPWR,

    Please kinldy refer to below suggestions for testing.
    1. Load BIOS Default Settings to try.
    2. Check the CPU heatsink. (Make sure it is well installed)
    3. Make sure the thermal grease is well spread on the CPU.
    4. Open one side of your chassis first for test.
    5. Install your memory to black DRAM slot.
    6. Please install the latest VGA driver from below link to try.
    Link: Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers
    7. Leave only necessary device of your computer for testing. (CPU, a stick memory, one HDD and one VGA card )
    8. Re-install CPU and memory.

    If the problem still cannot be solved, please kindly contact your local dealer to check your system.

    Have a nice day
    ASRock TSD Emily

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    Default Re: ASRock P67 Fatal1ty Professional - Random System Crashes and Freezes

    Your response is clearly a generic cut and paste answer. If you had read what I posted, specifically my setup, you would see that some of what you are asking is not feasible. And since when is the retail store the tech support? I have three years of warranty on my motherboard from ASRock, not from Newegg. Or are you, as a representative of ASRock, trying to tell me that Newegg is responsible for providing me with technical support on this issue? To run down your list, since you clearly did not read what I had posted:

    1. I am using RAID, loading default BIOS settings will disable the RAID function.
    2. My CPU heatsink is well seated, and my CPU temps are 33C idle and stays below 50C under load.
    3. The thermal grease is well spread, as shown by the low temps and building experience.
    4. What is opening one side of my chassis going to do? As listed I have a Cooler Master HAF X. Opening one side will INCREASE the temperature.
    5. As explained, I have already done much testing and work with the RAM. I have even used two different sets.
    6. I already have the latest nvidia driver (280.26). In fact I have all the latest drivers and BIOS installed for everything.
    7. I have already tried swapping video cards and running one at a time. The RAM was my initial thought, but I have beat that horse to death. The video cards were my second thought, and I have done a fair amount of trouble shooting with them (including running one at a time), which I will continue to try testing various setups. This is why I am leaning towards the possibility of an issue with the motherboard.
    8. The CPU didn't get up and move on its own. The system was running flawless for months prior to these issues. And again, see above for what I have already done with the RAM.

    I don't mind testing things and so on, that is why I posted here in the first place. But it really grinds my gears when I put all the effort into writing a detailed and lengthy post just to have some generic cut and paste answer thrown in my face, especially when most of that cut and paste answer does not apply to my situation or tells me to do things I have already done. This is my first ASRock purchase. Let's try to not make my last. If you can seriously look into the issue and come back with real solutions, then I am all up for trying them.
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    Default Re: ASRock P67 Fatal1ty Professional - Random System Crashes and Freezes

    I am still troubleshooting. I took out one of the two GPU's again. After a full day of useage the system froze again just like before, where the screen stays fixed, strange digital sound comes out of the speakers, and nothing responds. This time though the reset button did not work at all. I tried it a few times. The only thing that worked was holding the power button for several seconds. The system finally shut down, and I was able to start it up again. I did run Prime95 for about 30 mins to see if the issue might be CPU related. No errors came up. I swap out the first GPU with my second one. I will run Prime95 for longer this time to rule out the CPU. Also looking to see if it locks up with just the second GPU this time. So far I'm still leaning towards the issue being motherboard related.

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    Default Re: ASRock P67 Fatal1ty Professional - Random System Crashes and Freezes

    The semi-stock reply is just that .To recover any basic things that may have been missed.

    I have had the "white flashing icons " like a pause when loading on the second system in my sig, I put it down to Overclock wear.

    2.Did you change anything from the "working fine for months" time until u started getting bsod'd,crackle etc.
    I mean anything,like gx card drivers,windows update the day before it happened,is adobe up to date etc.
    Sometimes when running a lot of progs windows will switch to basic colour, because one prog isnt compatible.
    This is a B3 board yes? .

    3. I dont use raid so cant opinion on the setup. Hve u defragged/reformatted the discs?.
    Have u tried them connected to the sata 2?.Since u reinstalled windows already why not even try the defaults /non raid with one hdd or both even.
    Of course switching to install windows with ahci rather than the default ide.

    4. Crackles.. can be lots of causes,loose connections,Ive had bad front usb phone sockets cause it.
    Did you run dxdiag?
    Another less well documented crackle cause is from pwm controlled fans , especially if they are getting older.

    5. Cooler.Im not a big fan of top down cpu fans Id prefer to have heat blown sideways rather than down.
    The Asus knight I think is rather wide around the base, like heatpipes come close to vrms etc?
    Isnt there something in installation where u are advised to mount it in one direction so that the heatsinks dont hang over mbrd components?
    Do u run the fan speed limited or is it under full autocontrol?

    My own system right now at idle using axtu(fairly accurate readings )

    cpu i5 2500k .. max cpu speed 4825.13 . 48x100.52

    cpu temp 33C mbrd temp 30C
    1st ram stick in slot 2=38.4C
    2nd ram stick in slot 4=41.3C
    temp in and around hdd area 33.4C

    To make it brief. I have ram in slots 2 and 4 so that I can mount my cpu intake fan a little lower to draw air thru the ram heatsinks.
    That is my explanation for the lower temp on 1st stick(closer to cpu).

    two 560's or even one can put out a fair amount of heat especially when under load or overclocked..

    The rear of my gx card at the sata connector side gets up to 85 and when the card fan is going full blast its blowing hot air around inside the case also.

    That is some of the reason running with the door off the case was suggested,
    With the door off its as close as u can get to open bench testing and in my experience things will allways be cooler.
    What harm can it do, if the problem doesnt recur, it might provide information that the internal cooling needs more work.

    Faulty mbrd:..well if your sure thats what it is,it should be still well within guarantee.

    nb I use digital readout temp probes for the memory + case temps.

    Even tho 2000k processors stay cool even up to moderate overclocks , I still wouldnt like warm air going down on my components, no matter how effecient my extraction system was.
    Current Systems:

    Asrock p67 Extreme6.............. Gigabyte EP-45 UD3 ...................... Gigabyte 73 PVM S2
    Intel i5 2500k 4.8ghz................ Intel Q8400 3.8ghz......................... Intel D820 2.8ghz
    Zalman 10x cooler.................... Coolermaster V8............................ HP cooler
    8GB Gskill ripjaw ddr3.............. 4GB Gskill PI ddr2.......................... 4GB samsung ddr2
    60GB ssd/500GB HDD .............. WD 1TB hdd.................................... Seagate 160GB hdd
    GTX 460 1GB x2 SLI ................. Msi 9600GT 512MB(died) ........... Onboard gx
    Win7 64 ,750w psu(ocz)............ Win7 64 ,520w psu,seasonic...... Win XP pro ,400w psu

    HEC 6A34 case . ....................... Jeantec R2 case............................ Packard Bell case

    hoping to upgrade to

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    Default Re: ASRock P67 Fatal1ty Professional - Random System Crashes and Freezes

    I actually just had the system freeze again about an hour ago during Prime95, but my monitors were on auto shut off so I was unable to see if Prime95 had encountered an error. I am going to run Prime95 again but this time with the monitor shut off function disabled, so that if it freezes again I will still be able to see the Prime95 window.

    In regards to your post I will go down your list in order from your post.

    1. I'm not doing any OCing. I still have no idea what is causing the icons to flash white randomly. They do it maybe a half dozen times an hour or so.

    2. Over that several month period several motherboard drivers were updated, the GPU drivers were updated, the BIOS was updated. I added a second GPU. I switched from a single 500GB SATA2 HD to a 2x2TB SATA3 HD in RAID 1. I started with 4x2GB DDR3 1600 Kingston RAM. Then I upgraded to 4x4GB DDR3 1600 Kingston RAM. Then I tried 4x4GB DDR3 2133 G.Skill RAM. The G.Skill RAM did not play nice so I returned it and put my 16GB of Kingston RAM back in. The most recent change before I started getting BSODs was the G.Skill RAM. I couldn't get the G.Skill RAM to be stable past DDR3 1600. When I put the Kingston RAM back in I was getting crashes but much fewer. So I thought maybe the G.Skill RAM corrupted a file. That's when I decided to do a fresh Windows install. Pretty much the only programs I use are Office 2007, Internet Explorer, Starcraft II, ASRock/EVGA utilities, and Norton Internet Security. The board is B3.

    3. I have a RAID 1 mirror setup. If memory serves, the drives were formatted when I initially setup the RAID and installed Windows. The HDs are defragged regularly as needed. I have not tried other SATA connectors. Only the two Intel chipset controlled SATA3 ports support RAID. The Marvell chipset controlled SATA3 ports do not support RAID. I have not tried SATA2 ports since I have SATA3 HDs, and I believe if I switch them over now it will create problems with the RAID. I am trying to avoid doing another full install since it takes me days to install, update, install my programs, update again, and then restore all my files. I do work off my PC so there are tons of files, and it is critical to my job. I should also point out that my understanding is that both drives would have to be bad or both SATA3 ports would have to be bad for the HDs to be the issue. Since it is a RAID 1 mirror, only one of the two hard drives has to be operational for the system to continue operating without any issues. That is the whole point of a RAID 1 mirror to begin with. I'm also quite confident the HDs are good as each time I start up the computer it tests the RAID mirror for any degredation, and there is an Intel program that came with the motherboard that scans both drives and verifies that both have the same information and for degredation of the RAID mirror.

    4. To be clear about the loud digital audio loop/static that plays through the speakers, this ONLY happens when the system freezes. So the sound issue is either related to the system freeze or is caused by it. Otherwise there is no issue at all with the sound. So there is no issue of loose connections. And there is nothing plugged into the front USB ports. I ran dxdiag once on the phone with EVGA tech support, and I believe one more time on the phone with Blizzard tech support. I'm not sure what dxdiag would do for me since it just gives system info.

    5. When I initially purchased this cooler three motherboards ago, it was the biggest that would fit my ASUS board at the time. Also, my prior ASUS boards required downward airflow to cool the motherboard heatsinks, and the case I was using had a large CPU duct which added to the efficiency of downward airflow. The four heatpipes face towards the rear case fan. The other two heatpipes face towards the RAM. They are about an inch away from the RAM's heatspreaders. The directions don't really have any requirements as far as positioning, however I do position it in a way that seems to give the best cooling. The fan speed is on auto. For my normal useage the CPU temp range is 33C to 48C. The only time it goes over that is during Prime95 torture test where it will run between 59C and 61C.

    My motherboard temp is typically between 30C to 34C. I don't have anything to measure the temp of my RAM or HDs. Anytime I have touched the heatspreaders on the RAM, they have been barely warmer than room temp. The HDs are not next to each other and sit right behind the front 230mm intake fan. Temperature issues would be my last concern. Nothing in my system has changed to cause any temperature changes. If there was a temperature issue it would have shown up five months ago.

    With both GTX 560 Ti's installed the hottest the top card gets is 70C. Usually it runs between 34C and 60C depending on what I am doing. There is a 200mm case fan blowing air directly onto the cards. I have my GPU fans on auto, and they never even go up to 40% fan speed.

    I noticed you have a mid-tower HEC 6A34 case. I am running a full-tower Cooler Master HAF X case. There is a HUGE difference between the amount of cooling I am getting compared to yours. Your case has one small front intake and one small rear exhaust fan. Mine has a huge front intake fan and side intake fan, large rear exhaust fan, and two huge top exhaust fans. On top of the fact that I have a much larger internal volume so heat will build up less, a bottom mounted PSU taking in cold air from outside the case, and a cable management system that keeps the cables from blocking any airflow.

    Again going back to the case, look up Cooler Master HAF X full-tower. You will see that running with door off will reduce my cooling and increase my temps, especially for the GPUs. It is one of the absolute top rated cases for cooling, especially for cooling multiple GPUs. Again, there is no issue whatsoever with the temperatures. And I have had the panel off anyway for extended periods of time while I was playing with swapping the GPUs in and out anyway. So clearly this issue of the case has been beat to death and then some. And so has any concerns of components overheating. I always keep an eye on temps. If temperature was the issue this would have been figured out long ago.

    If I knew for sure it was a faulty motherboard, then I wouldn't be testing and posting to be sure that that is what it is. I'm hoping it's not a faulty motherboard. RMAing a motherboard is a HUGE pain in the ass, and means being without a computer for a very long time. In other words my only option would be to buy a new one while waiting for an RMA, and then selling the RMA when it came back in.

    I don't have any temp probes. Actually, the temp probes on my prior couple of ASUS boards is something I miss, along with having six fan headers instead of just three.

    On prior ASUS motherboards, ASUS required a fan to blow down on to the board to cool the chipset. If you didn't have a top down fan, they required you to attach two mini fans onto the motherboard heatsinks to cool them. It's a $75 cooler, and it's very good. It was one of the reason I bought this board instead of the ASUS Maximus IV Extreme. The LGA775 heatsink support, IDE support for my two DVD-RWs, and the FDD support for my FDD drive w/memory card reader saved me about $125. So between that and the lower price of this board it was a $275 price difference. However, I am still extremely confident in my systems cooling. If you look up my case you will see why. If I were to get a different CPU cooler at this point I would probably go with one that vents towards the rear, and at that point I would change the front of my top two 200mm fans into an intake. This way I would be taking in fresh air down over the RAM, across the CPU, and out the back 140mm exhaust fan and the top 200mm exhaust fan. I'm currently holding off on a new CPU cooler since I am not having a temperature issue, and because I am waiting to see if I decide to move up to an LGA2011 setup when they become available.
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    Default Re: ASRock P67 Fatal1ty Professional - Random System Crashes and Freezes

    These are really just attempts/suggestions to help you with your problem not so much a discussion on merits of different items.
    In the sense that my system is working ok for me yours isnt.

    1.The flashing icons.. what I actually meant was the heat generated by my overclocking(used to run my q8400 at 4ghz)I know u dont overclockthe cpu.

    2+3.afaik there are no sata 3 hdd's The 500gb hdd I have in my main system has a sata 3 interface ,but it wont exceed sata 2 specs.I use it because its faster than my 1 Tb drive intrinsically.
    My suggestion to try varying the drives was just to see if it eliminated the problem/need for some updating of raid drivers or whatever.
    Do you still have the 500gb sata 2?. maybe just hook that up and see if it makes any difference.
    Have you ever updated the bios? not just drivers.If you have u must have reloaded and saved bios defaults?
    Ahh ok full raid 1 , so thats like an instant backup.

    If you want a hdd temperature ,speedfan will provide a reading. seems fairly accurate.

    4. ok so the static is just when u get a lockup,Did you run dxdiag anyway just to make sure all the drivers are loaded correctly?

    5.Yeh downward airflow directed onto specific areas is a good thing I used to use a 45 degree angled fan for my memory and mch on my 775 system.even bought a Xigmatek Porter CN881 Chipset Heatsink Review | Reviews - my 775 system.
    Downward hot air from a cpu cooler would in mho be a different matter tho.
    Yes there are a lot of cases with "ducts",some of mine have come with them .which is probably fine if your only worry is cpu temp and u have a blow down cooler.Fortunately they can all be removed. Im sure I remember reading something about that cooler a long time ago about mounting it only one way and it having heat directed downwards overhangs lemme go googling..
    Here we go, maybe its a different model.
    ASUS Royal Knight and Thermaltake SpinQ Coolers Review. Page 3 - X-bit labs

    The gpu cards: The temp I meant was measured at the back of the card right near the sata connector end from the vrm's not so much gpu . 28-qpprox- 70 I would get on gpu readoutout ,but that isnt so much what I meant its the hot air being pushed down and around.
    You are using the mbrd molex power connector with the second gx card yeh?

    Case design and whats better, we could go on all day about is a large volume with significant "dead airflow " areas better than a smaller volume with faster airflow,up psu ,down psu, hi speed fans with hi cfm and low speed fans with good force. negative pressure, + pressure and all that good stuff.
    I looked at those multi fans all over the place cases and decided the was too much opportunity for dust dirt ingress even with the pc turned off and conflicting airflows + I wanted a unitary look.
    A blanket statement such as there is a HUGE difference in the amount of cooling one is getting isnt really borne out by the emperical data tho is it?

    My temps at idle are approximately the same as yours .. they would be really since the cpu is running at the same speed

    I clocked down to 4.0 ghz to do some prime testing . In terms of cpu temp and mbrd temp I was hitting peaks of 66 and 36 respectively.Cpu fans(chassis 1 is limited to 55C) are speed limited to 65C which in practice means they dont speed up till 68 and then hit full speed about 72C.
    The interesting thing is/may be memory stick one goes up to 48C+ memory stick 2 goes up to 51C+
    I wouldnt know what temps they would reach with side/downdraught hot air but it could well be higher,especially for the stick closest to the cpu.4 sticks in a line as you had with the gskills. Temps there could have been quite high. Im not saying they were its just something to consider.
    Fact is a "box" isnt the most aerodynamic intake /extraction device ever invented and with rectangular windbreakers, components of all sorts , its difficult to say..
    And yes I do have all my cabling tucked away below mbrd level ,mainly behind the hdd cges,except when it "has to" surface for components.

    Something I dont follow is your 3 fan headers thing.
    The board has 6 total, 3 pwm cpu temp controlled, 2 speed controlled and one full speed.
    I use another pci slot extractor fan running at 5v (altho all 6 fan headers arent used).

    Best I can think of right now is either a bios update..then u would have to load and save defaults..
    A load and save defaults . to get the cmos "clean"
    Perhaps a cmos wipe"clean",then you would have to renter your usual settings ..after loading and saving defaults.
    Did u have a b2 board btw and get a free b3 on the recall?

    I kept the cmos chip from my old b2 board.. just in case, shh .

    How is the super fast mouse thing on the fatality?

    I was considering connecting up one of my old floppy drives ,wish I still had my combined 5 1/4, 3 1/2 in a single 5 1/4 unit, probably a collectors item now.
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    Current Systems:

    Asrock p67 Extreme6.............. Gigabyte EP-45 UD3 ...................... Gigabyte 73 PVM S2
    Intel i5 2500k 4.8ghz................ Intel Q8400 3.8ghz......................... Intel D820 2.8ghz
    Zalman 10x cooler.................... Coolermaster V8............................ HP cooler
    8GB Gskill ripjaw ddr3.............. 4GB Gskill PI ddr2.......................... 4GB samsung ddr2
    60GB ssd/500GB HDD .............. WD 1TB hdd.................................... Seagate 160GB hdd
    GTX 460 1GB x2 SLI ................. Msi 9600GT 512MB(died) ........... Onboard gx
    Win7 64 ,750w psu(ocz)............ Win7 64 ,520w psu,seasonic...... Win XP pro ,400w psu

    HEC 6A34 case . ....................... Jeantec R2 case............................ Packard Bell case

    hoping to upgrade to

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